Tuesday, December 18, 2007

City of Daphne using a BioPro to recycle veg oil into biodiesel

Here's a great example of how a small city is using a BioPro190 biodiesel processor to turn waste veg oil into fuel! This post compliments of Graydon Blair of Utah Biodiesel Supply..

Daphne Public Utilities - Daphne, Alabama
The city of Daphne Alabama purchased a BioPro 190 earlier this year as a show piece for their oil recycling program. Citizens of Daphne, Alabama are encouraged to drop off their waste vegetable oil at designated drop off stations placed throughout the city. The oil is collected, filtered, and then processed into Biodiesel by the city in their brand new BioPro 190.

Recently I had a chance to follow up with them to see how they were enjoying it and they were extremely ecstatic about it. They said they were really impressed with how easy it was to use. All of their staff involved in the program really like using it & seeing how quick they can make a batch.

Prior to having a BioPro, they had more cumbersome equipment that they used to make their Biodiesel with. They said that using the BioPro is so much easier and more effective.

So much more effective that they'll be taking it on the road soon on a tour of several other municipalities in Alabama to show just how easy it is to create a city wide oil recycling program. Get this! They even recycle the glycerin and turn it into soap! So not only are they recycling waste oil which may have ended up in their sewer system, they now make biodiesel to power the city trucks and recycle the glycerin and make soap which they sell as well! How's that for being environmentally responsible!

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