Sunday, February 17, 2008

Japanese Biodiesel Around-theWorld Adventure

Yesterday we (our coop- Dirty Hands & Madrona) hosted the team from Japan as it begins it's adventure, making biodiesel from donated waste veggie oil as they go. I've had a great time hanging out with them- Shusei, Satori, and Tatsu. Shusei Yamada had the idea and designed the elaborate and beautiful processor, which amazingly fits in the back of the Toyota Landcruiser. It's on a track so it can slide out and allow for adding oil and chemicals. Shusei is no stranger to around the world adventures or biodiesel. He works as a photojournalist, and is also an off-road racer. He's crossed the Sahara on motorcycle, raced the United Arab Emerites Desert Challenge in a car using biodiesel, and has travelled to 140 countries. And he's a really nice guy! Very down to earth, so to speak, gentle and warm-hearted- he seems to really enjoy meeting folks while doing this amazing thing to raise awareness about the need for alternative and environmentally friendly fuels. The launching ceremony was great fun- see today's story in the Seattle PI.
They'll be heading south to LA, and then east- if you'd like to contact them and help them with publicity and most importantly oil donations, reply to this post, or email me at and I'll put you in touch with Satori, the team's wonderful organizer. And now for some pics! Yes they use ion exchange resin for washing, so no water...

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