Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VW, others drop the ball on bio- Write them a letter!

You've probably already heard the stories, but it's looking like VW isn't making a biodiesel-compatible car anymore (only B5- they're not even supporting B20 !).  It has to do with the pollution control devices they're using, which is supposed to burn soot off the diesel particulate filter, but with the higher flash point of biodiesel is causing a lot of bio to get into the crankcase oil and stay there.  Read the detailed explanation here by Neurot.   This was reported also in the NY Times blog recently.

Neurot is Jason Burroughs, owner of a biodiesel company in Austin, Texas, has been testing his 2009 Jetta TDI, and experiencing problems significant enough that's he's going to "unload this petroleum-sucking turd and buy something that I can safely fuel with domestically-produced biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil," as he so eloquently puts it.  You can read his posting about his experience here.  

Write a letter to VW and other car manufacturers to let them know you want cars that can run high amounts of biodiesel!!  BiodieselSMARTER magazine is promoting this "Save-a-Diesel" letter writing campaign, and you can get talking points and who to write to here


Anonymous said...

I am going to write VW a letter, don't they know that some states are mandating b2 or more in all diesel?
We just bought the sport wagon love it but this is a serious bummer.

Jason Burroughs said...

I did get rid of the car! Let a friend take over the payments, and I'm back in my 2004 Golf TDI, running B100 and veggie oil with my custom conversion kit.

Jason Burroughs
DieselGreen Fuels