Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Today I stopped by Univ. VW which is supportive of biodiesel, wanting to get an anti-gel for the cold weather. They carry Power Service products, and recommended their white bottle supplement which contains an anti-gel. I also noticed the following post on yahoo groups listserve today, about one of their products made for biodiesel in particular. Note that you really shouldn't have to add any of this stuff yet, until it stays close to freezing, and even then only if you're not driving every day. It's the sitting for long periods that's bad. Soon, I'll test some of these products with my home-made bio, and post the results. Anyway, here's that post:

"Our product, Arctic Express Biodiesel Antigel 1:1000, is made to effectively treat Biodiesel blends up to B20. It can be added to B100 and will typically have some effect reducing the pour point by about 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help improve the handling of the B100 in winter months. Arctic Express Biodiesel Antigel will have minimal effect on lowering the Cold Filter Plugging Point or its low temperature operability of B100 as measured by ASTM D6251. Arctic Express Biodiesel Antigel is most effective on blends of up to B20 when using soy, rape, canola and vegetable feedstock's and waste vegetable feedstock's. B20 Biodiesel blends are used with #2 Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel or blends of #1 and #2 Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel.Arctic Express Biodiesel Antigel is sold in 5 gallon cases (2 each 2.5 gallon bottles per case) part number 7450-02, in 55 gallon drums, part number 7455 and in 260 gallon totes, part number 7460. The treat rate is one gallon of Arctic Express Biodiesel Antigel to each 1,000 gallons of Biodiesel Blends. Our antigel will typically improve both the Cold Filter Plugging Point(CFPP) and Pour Point(PP) of B20 Blends by 25 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to obtain AEBDA then I will need to know what city and state you live in so I can direct you to the appropriate Regional Manager who would be able to direct you to the distributor in his area that can sell you the product. Best regards, Brian Wilson bwilson@powerservice.com Technical Support Power Service Products, Inc

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