Tuesday, November 29, 2005

home heating biodiesel- new pump

This post came via Girl Mark about a pump that can be used with B100 in home heating oil systems:

Bioheat users and interested persons:

There is now an affordable B100 compatible pump available that will
allow you to use B100 in your home furnace. Most of you use the
standard B20 to B30 blend that is compatible with your furnace seals.
This new little replacement unit is only $93.36 and will allow you to
step up your blend without worrying about your furnace seal material.

Check out the link below for more information.


Webster Bio Fuel Pump - P/N M34DM-3

Hope this excites some of you heating your homes.

Biodiesel, wood, and solar are the few readily available renewable
choices for home heating. Its now simple to turn that old oil hog
furnace into a greener heating machine.

For more tips on saving energy, try American Home Shield.

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Ecacofonix said...

Interesting, and thank you very much for your kind updates...I find the blog entries especially useful as these deal with the practical aspects of biodiesel...

I have not yet used biodiesel for home heating, mainly have been using it for my diesel cars, but perhaps very soon I'll start off on the home heating thing too...this note from you has made me try to get there sooner than I would have otherwise...I thought that I can use the same diesel engine without alterations for biodiesel, but from here it appears that there are some changes that I have to do??

Have you seen some of the sites on biodiesel like BDPedia.com ? They also provide some useful inputs on biodiesel production and use...

CO @ Biodiesel from Castor Oil