Monday, January 09, 2006

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First, my Experimental College class is nearly full, so if you're interested sign up soon, or consider the Phinney class the following Saturday.

Today, KUOW radio's "The Conversation" did a show about biodiesel, since the WA legislature convened today to consider Gov. Gregoire's and others desire for a renewable fuels standard of 2% biodiesel in all WA state biodiesel, and $17 million in biodiesel production loans. The show featured Patrick Mazza from Climate Solutions, who has a new publication called: "The New Harvest: Biofuels and Windpower for Rural Revitalization and National Energy Security," which has some great information. Also, Martin Tobias, CEO of Seattle Biodiesel, provided a nice rebuttal to David Pimental, a Cornell prof who claims that biodiesel isn't energy efficient. Martin points out that Pimental is funded by the oil industry, and that his is about the only study that doesn't say that biodiesel produces more energy than is required to produce it. The National Renewable Energy Lab showed that you get 3.2 times as much energy out as goes into production of biodiesel, taking into account all farm inputs, transportation, etc.
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