Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Biodiesel coops conference

I just got back from this conference in Golden, CO organized by Girl Mark, Graydon Blair (of Utah Biodiesel Supply), John Meuser (at the CO Sch of Mines) and others (see for info). It was great and I learned a ton- will try to summarize as much as I can, but a lot of the presentations will be posted on pretty soon. If you have specific questions, I will try to answer them, but I missed a lot of the sessions.. You could also google the folks listed below to get in touch with them...
In general, it was attended by 130 folks, including 2 from S. Africa! and one from Germany. It had a grass-roots feel- refreshing for a conference. Outside the building, there were a few processors on trailers- cool designs- check out the one especially. I met some great folks, including Graydon Blair of Utah Biodiesel Supply, who is a wonderful guy and his is my favorite source of all things biodiesel. My favorite presentation was Jennifer Radtke's story of the creation of Biofuels Oasis, a biodiesel fueling coop in Berkely. It's a worker and women owned business, and they bill themselves as an anti-gas station... meaning that it is very personal and service oriented- with love seats, and organic food, and fuel-filter changing workshops. She's also published a zine-book about the creation of the coop, which you can order from her at:
I'm not gonna try to remember everything here.. also, Graydon has a nice blog entry about the conference complete with some great photos at:
I'm posting a few photos of some nice processors on trailers that were on display. One is by students at the CO School of Mines (Jon Meuser), and another is by flyingf fuels, available at b100supply:
- a really nice set-up. Another blog with conference description:

The top 2 pics above are of a processor by Flying F Biofuels, and the 3rd is by Jon Meuser and friends at the CO School of mines. Both looked really nice!

Here is a list of the presentations:

- Intro to biodiesel
- Biodiesel Coop experiences in a nutshell. Alan Pryor, Berkeley Biodiesel Coop and Alameda Biodiesel Coop, Jason Burroughs, Austin Biodiesel Coop
- Disposal of Sidestreams. Matt Rudolf, Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro, NC
- Case Study: Yoderville Biodiesel Coop, Steve Fugate
- Methanol Recovery. St Louis Biofuels Club, Terri Zeman and Maud Essen. Find her on infopop forums- see pic on utahbiodieselsupply conference blog
- Liter batch demos (Steve Richer and myself)
- Small producer and Farm plant discussion. Frankie Lind, Pogoil, Brookesville, MD, Chris Jude, Appalachian State biodiesel poject in NC, and farm biodiesel plant project in Carnation, WA (Full-Circle Farms), Rob del Bueno, & Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Atlanta, GA
- Educating the Local Community. Netaka White, Vermont Biofuels Association, Jennifer Radtke of backyardbiodiesel.og and Biofuel Oasis, CA, and myself
- Quality Control Factors for Homebrewers. John Bush, Boulder Biodiesel, Boulder CO
- A Club, Not a Coop: St Louis Biofuels Club. Maud Essen, Terri Zeman
- Biodiesel Distribution Experiences: Producer to End User. Kai Curry, Biodiesel Blue Distribution and Fryaway coop, Minneapolis, MN. Gretchen Zimmerman, Biofuel Oasis, Berkely CA.
- Case Studies of Grant-funded Educational Programs. Paul Feather and Chris Jude, Appalachian State University Collaborative Bioidiesel Project, Boone, NC, and Matthew Steiman, Wilson College Biodiesel Project, Chambersburg, PA
- From Seed to Oil: Oilseed crops and oil extraction technologies. Sam Anderson, BioFuel Technologies,LLC in Denver.
- Biodiesel 101 and Biodiesel Calculator Software presentation. Graydon Blair of Utah Biodiesel Supply in Salt Lake City UT, and Rick Harrison of, Omaho, NE
- Gas Chromatography Testing of Biodiesel. Bob Armantrout, Rocky Mountain Biodiesel, Berthoud, CO.
- Cold Weather Strategies for Biodiesel Users and Homebrewers. Tom Judd,, Kai Curry, Biodiesel Blue Distribution, Minneapolis, and Steve Fuguate, Yoderville Biodiesel Coop.
- Sustainability: Where does your biodiesel come from? Gretchen Zimmerman, Biofuel Oasis, Bereley, CA.
- Homebrewing regulations and excise tax case studies: Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Utah. Rick Harrison, Omaha PSD Club, Matt Steiman, Wilson College Biodiesel Project, Graydon Blair, Utah Biodiesel Coop.
- Working with Volunteers. Matt Rudolf, Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro, NC and Maria 'Mark' Alovert, Berkeley Biodiesel Coop, and Women's Biodiesel Internship, Oakland CA
- Biofuel Oasis: Creating a biodiesel station. Jennifer Radtke, Biofuel Oasis.
- The Biodiesel community online: strategies about and the forums. Graydon Blair and Girl Mark.
- Oil collections. Steve Fugate of Yoderville Biodiesel Club and Frankie Lind, Pogoil, Brookesivlle MD.
- Homebrew Quality Control and Quality Testing. Girl Mark
- Case Study: The Story of Piedmont Biofuels. Matt Rudolf.
- Algae. Jon Meuser of Colorado School of Mines.


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