Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New methoxide mixing procedure

Just added this to my processing page: My brilliant friend Bill came up with this great way to dissolve the catalyst. Just put a strainer in a 15 gal conical tank, fill with proper amount of methanol, add the KOH or lye, and bubble air in thru a valve at the bottom. With KOH, it dissolves within seconds (actually dissolves pretty fast even without the bubbling..)

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Anonymous said...

Can you explain this prcedure in a little more detail for us? What is the strainer doing for you? I have a 15 gal cone bottom tank. If I run a poly hose from a valve at the bottom of the tank to a bubbler which I have; the level in the host will reach the level in the tank. WIll the bubbler push enough air back into the tank to mix NaOH?