Thursday, October 11, 2007

Biodiesel in Schools Forum and koh purity testing

There's a forum specifically for biodiesel in schools, so teachers and students can chat with each other about their projects.

To sign up, go to: and search for "biodiesel in schools"
You can set it so you get either individual messages, or a daily digest (I prefer).

One of the members made a great offer today- he will test your KOH for purity- he and others at the school developed a test, and he found that his 90% KOH is actually 97% pure! So he can use less than he thought and save money. He's willing to test others KOH, as he says here:
"We would like to offer our services and test samples of your incoming catalyst. Please send a 10g dry sample of KOH or NaOH to the address below. Please double or triple Zip-lock it and send it in a bubble mailer. To support the schools' program, you are also encouraged to send a donation of $4 to Bloom High School (check or money order) with your sample. This will help offset the cost of our lab time and consumables.

Please also include an email address with your sample so that we may get the results to you as soon as possible (1-2 days from receipt of sample), otherwise we will mail it to the return address.

Barry Latham, M.A.Ed., B.S.
Biodiesel Project Director
Bloom High School
101 West 10th Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Happy biodieseling...


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