Sunday, October 21, 2007

recent articles/ Bioneers conference/Mushrooms!

The Everett Herald did a nice little article about my class at the college there yesteday:

Also, National Geographic did a Biofuels piece, with some material on biodiesel from algae.. Sounds like it's still a ways off from commercial availability.

Heard Paul Staments speak at Seattle Bioneers conference yesterday- haven't been so blown away by a talk in a long time. He has found amazing things with mushrooms, from fractal patterns of their mycelium to wondrous healing powers of their extracts- powerful antiviral properties- got carpenter ants? no problem- he's developed an extract that will totally eliminate them for up to a decade, bioremediation of toxic waste- eg mushrooms cleaning up around Chernobyl by sequestering Cesium, Oyster mushrooms cleaning up toxic diesel-contaminated soil, etc, etc. Here's a good article about him, and he's got a new book out that I've gotta get: Mycelium Running: How mushrooms can help save the world. If you ever get a chance to hear this guy, don't miss it! His website:

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