Friday, January 08, 2010

Earthrace Biodiesel ship rammed and sunk by illegal Japanese whaling ship!

Just heard the following from my friend Ravi who has helped the Earthrace project:

"Earthrace, the futuristic biodiesel boat that claimed the world record for circumnavigating the globe has sunk in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.

It had been purchased by the Sea Shepherd organization to harass the
Japanese whalers in those waters and it was run over by one of them on
Monday. One person suffered some broken ribs, but the Skipper Pete
and the others are fine and there was no loss of life.

Here are some videos of the incident.

views from Sea Shepherd

view from Shonan Maru Whaler

I wrote to and received a short reply from Pete today and he said that
he is shaken, but that they are all safe.

I wanted to let the biodiesel community here know since many people
helped Earthrace while it was here." Ravi

Be sure to watch the last video on that Sea Shepherd page above to get a sense of their mission to stop such illegal whaling operations. Also, see this video on the role the Earthrace boat was playing..

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