Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Not sure how I got associated with this article

On New Year's day, an AP article came out about the problems that the commercial biodiesel industry has been having, and they used a picture of me holding a cup of biodiesel in my garage that they had in their stock photo collection. The article makes no mention of me, which makes sense because I have very little to do with commercial biodiesel. My business is focused on helping people learn how to make their own fuel (although I have had some students go on to start their own biodiesel companies). I do support commercial production of biodiesel as long as it's done in a sustainable manner, which to me means using waste grease, or oil from rotation crops, farm coops, etc. If you support biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum sources, you might want to contact your rep's in congress, because they didn't get around to renewing the $1 / gal tax credit, and if that doesn't get renewed, it'll be the death knell of the biodiesel industry. The House passed it, and word has it that the Senate probably will too (and make it retroactive to Jan 1), but a little pressure will help.

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