Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New additive to counter effects of crankcase oil dilution

I was re-reading the postings by "Neurot" about his trials and tribulations using B100 in his '09 Jetta, which doesn't work well with VW's new emissions control technology. ("Neurot" is Jason Burroughs of Diesel Green Fuels who also wrote about this for BiodieselSMARTER Magazine). One aspect of the problem is that the biodiesel ends up in the crankcase oil where it dilutes the oil but also forms organic acids which can polymerize and coat the pistons. I noticed that his last post mentioned a new additive that Chevron has come out with which supposedly counteracts these negative effects. Check out the article in Biodiesel Magazine that he mentions. Anyone tried this stuff (Oronite Lubricating Oil Additive)?


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